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Instant replays during SFA games

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Instant replays being introduced to football games in Scotland will change the game for the better.

Referees dont always see everything that happens on the pitch which most times dosent affect the game. However when referees miss incidents that happen close by and completely get the decision wrong then this is not only a problem it's an unfair advantage to the team who benifits from the call. 

Instant replays would allow the referees to make the correct decision and allow the game to be played the way it should be, allowing teams to win fairly through their skill and talent being protected by the rules in place. It would stop players diving to get penalties and protect players from bad tackles which could potentially end careers if not correctly monitered and address during the game. For example, if a player makes a bad challenge on another and the ref dosent see if or dosent discipline the player right away then that player may think he can get away with it again and thus being able to potentially injur a player or end someones season or career. 

Too often referees have made bad desicions due to not seeing what happened fully or being swayed one way or another from the opposing team, fans or their own bias. Instant replays will clean up the game and allow football players to play the game knowing they are proctected from bad challenges and are held to a higher standard of professionalism because everything they do will be played back on screen for everyone to see. Games will be decided by how a team performs and not ruined by bad decision making from referees.

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