Ensure All Dance Teachers are Qualified

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A Good Dance Teacher spends over twenty years of their career in training. Most have studied dance through their childhood, then carried this love into adolescence and finally gone on to study teaching qualifications at one of the many accredited societies that exist. Thereafter, learning still continues through continuing professional development.

Yet it is still possible for the lay person to call themselves a dance teacher without training, qualifications or any experience in teaching children. Anyone can set up dance classes. This makes a mockery of those teachers who have tirelessly trained and invested money into exemplary qualifications. 

This ‘casual teacher of dance ‘ as I will call them could place those in their classes at risk. They have not studied antomy & physiology, business ethics, various syllabi , child psychology & child development,yet they can still advertise themselves as a ‘dance teacher’. This does not happen in any other profession linked with the teaching of children. Swimming teachers, Gymnastic Coaches, Karate Teachers, Early Years Practitioners and many more must have the relevant qualifications to use their respective titles.

Lets make a change where to use the title Dance Teacher a relevant bona-fide qualification must be  earned. This does not have to be a degree and could easily be accrued by ‘approved prior learning / industry experience’  In other words let’s ensure that the profession Dance Teacher is recognised as one that is equal to that of any other teacher and perhaps a status for dance teachers equivalent to the academic QTS needs to be recognised to protect both dance teachers and those that they teach.

QDTS Qualified Dance Teaching Status.