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Time for everyone to respect the Brexit result

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It is time that certain factions of the population stopped trying to thwart the Brexit result and overturn what was voted for by the people. It is becoming increasingly tiresome when people, including certain public figures try to overturn the referendum result which was voted for by 17,410,742 ( 51.89%)  and opposed by 16,141,241. ( 48.11 % ) The turnout was  72.2 %.  Everybody of voting age had been given plenty of notice of the election and ballot by post was available.  The result was despite claims by some students that they had voted twice. Whatever the argument the people clearly voted to leave the EU which many see as a totalitarian superstate.  It was voted by the people to take control of their own country, borders and sovereignty. 

Those who voted to remain are not content with the referendum result and instead of getting behind our Prime Minister who is negotiating our future  with the EU, there are constant retorts by some public figures and unrest by those who have become known as 'remainers'  It is time to move on, as we would have had the result been the other way... Enough is enough and this unpleasant tirade from those people who have vested interests in the EU is not in the public interest; it stirs up bad feeling and makes the job harder for those who are steering us in the path we have chosen.  We decided to leave the EU in June 2016 and it is now 2018!!  It really is time that those who are out to cause trouble ceased such behaviour and  worked together for the common good.


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