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Restore original (amended to remove 'select') controls to twitchplayspokemon Generation 2. Remove Anarchy/Democracy.

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The Anarchy/Democracy system has no place in a Twitchplayspokemon G/S/C playthrough for the following reason.

Democracy was instituted as a method to get past challenges that would otherwise be impossible to otherwise complete. Areas that would either take longer to complete than interest would last, or areas like the Safari Zone where there were actual lose-game scenarios. Sadly, as we have seen on regular occasion, the Democracy control form has been used also to complete mundane challenges and improve the party - both negative outcomes that we feel are not in the spirit of TwitchPlaysPokemon, but impossible to prevent while including Democracy.

The difficulty of Pokemon Red that led to the implementation of the Anarchy/Democracy system can be broken into two key factors. The first, that specific areas may be impossible due to the nature of control, the second that puzzles that require repeated submenu access would be near impossible (such as Victory Road).

This however is not an issue in Pokemon Generation 2. There are no areas where any slight deviation of a route returns you to the start (like Team Rocket's Hideout), or where there are limited steps you may take to retrieve necessary items (like Safari Zone). As well as this, HM use in G/S/C is context sensitive, meaning that the submenu access required for certain types of puzzle is no longer an issue. On top of this there are even further improvements introduced in Generation 2 which will further ease the difficulty faced by players, such as the visible experience bar  which will assist in planning movelists.

It is for these reasons that the need for Democracy that existed in Generation 1 does not exist in Generation 2, and in signing we ask that you return to the original controls, amended to remove 'select' for the entire duration of any second season of TwitchPlaysPokemon. Thank you.

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