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14 Jun 2018 —  The Trent sculptured Frieze stonework panels were removed from Rose Hill Cemetery, but being too heavy and large to go inside the Museum, the plan is now to locate it within the Museum grounds. Where it can be seen by the public and will also be secure.

An interpretation panel could be produced to go alongside the frieze so the general public will know what it is. So please continue to support this petition until it goes on display. Thank you all for your support in the rescue of this magnificent piece of our 120 Year Heritage of Doncaster Cinemas.

The Doncaster Odeon originally The Gaumont Palace was demolished ten years ago and the site is now used as a car park. The seven sculptured panel pieces which hung over the entrance measure 53w x 51h x 5ins each, the wall panels or Frieze was the work of Mr Newbury Abbot Trent the famous sculptor (his provenance can be found on this petition) depicted the story of film, from its conception the writing of the scenario, the building of the set, and lastly the shooting of the film, a western.

In 1968, after major modernisation to the Gaumont Theatre a new look happened, the outside of the cinema façade was dramatically changed with fluted aluminium cladding hiding the sculptured frieze.

During the 2008 demolition of the cinema the now painted blue aluminium façade was removed, allowing the frieze to be seen again, before it was removed and supposably put into storage for re-use in the new property redevelopment on the same site, which never happened.

Making enquiries in late 2016 of its whereabouts, I found the panels in a farm yard, unprotected from the weather or damage, having laid there since 2008, the owner wanting rid of them at no cost, a meeting was arranged at the owners farm with Doncaster Council who said the intention at the time was to have the frieze on display and have the panels removed to a supposedly safe Council storage area.  Removal action only from the cemetery is not restoration, so please keep supporting this petition until it is on public display and help save the sculptured frieze

Thanks to all the supporters who have signed this petition I am sure on seeing your support and comments this is the reason why the Frieze was removed and will eventually be put on display in the grounds of the Museum, being a great local and tourist attraction or it could be a lost opportunity for Doncaster heritage.

Thank You all for your support Ron Curry MBE.

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The Cinema Heritage of Doncaster. 'Let's go to the Pictures' is an independent non profit group involved in the 120 year heritage of Cinema and is not affiliated with any Doncaster Council Lottery funded Organisation, The Doncaster Heritage Association or The Doncaster Civic Trust..

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