'The Glen for Women' Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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We want to offer women who are suffering from addiction the same opportunities we currently offer men who are suffering. We want "The Glen for women" to be built. We want to target women who are in the prison system especially as they need an opportunity to address the underlying issues causing the criminal behavour. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are vastly over-represented in the criminal justice system and in the prison population, and the numbers of female Indigenous prisoners are rapidly growing.1 In 2018, while representing only 2% of Australian women, Indigenous women represent 36% of the female prison population in Australia (1,274 Indigenous women prisoners from 3,586 women prisoners).2 The level of imprisonment for Indigenous women exceeds that of non-Indigenous women by a factor of 21, i.e., Indigenous women are 21 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Indigenous women. Out of these women in prison between 70-80% of them would have some sort of Drug and Alcohol problem that is usually related to another underlying issue.