Ban Jude Collins from all BBC media outlets.

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Jude Collins is a well known Irish Republican blogger who is invited on to various BBC Northern Ireland media platforms as a supposed "political commentator".

He is well known to be a Sinn Fein apologist, which is an opinion he is entitled to.

However in recent times he has courted controversy by comparing the Boys Brigade to violent, so called "dissident republicans".

Today, 15th August 2018, is the 20th anniversary of the Omagh bombing, when so called "dissident republicans" murdered 31 innocent civilians including a woman pregnant with twins. In his latest blog issued today, Mr Collins states "The bereaved of Omagh have never been short of sympathy. But they have been starved of truth. And although it’s an academic point, their loved ones were slaughtered but not murdered."

As licence payers who fund the BBC, we demand that the BBC no longer give this man a platform to spread his bigotry and hatred.

If Northern Ireland is ever to have a peaceful and shared future, relics of the past such as Mr Collins should not be allowed to poison future generations at the expense of law abiding licence fee payers.