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Request that Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas hear the appeal of the wrongly convicted

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Whereas the People of Montgomery County and the State of Texas hold the right to petition their government for redress of grievances according to Section 27 of the Texas Bill of Rights.

Whereas the Honorable Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas has refused to hear the appeal of Sybil Doyle, Roberta Cook and Adrian Heath, voters in Montgomery County who the People making this petition hold being wrongfully convicted have placed their hope for justice in said court.

Whereas decades of case law upheld by the Supreme Court of Texas and The Supreme Court of the United States have established that residence for the purpose of voting is at the discretion of the voter and is well settled in Texas and clearly expounded in writing by the Texas Secretary of State.

Whereas Texans and citizens of other States have been afforded equal protection from prosecution under the laws of this State, including voters who have never been to Texas, voters in at mail boxes, voters in government offices, voters in developer trailers and more.

Whereas the use of temporary dwellings by developers forming special districts is notoriously and widely known among the People, yet officials turn a blind eye to the long standing practice.

Therefore we people of Montgomery County and Texas signing this petition do humbly but firmly insist That the Honorable Judges of this Court do take judicial notice of this entire petition and rescind the previous refusal of the Court and so instead allow the appeal of Sybil Doyle, Roberta Cook and Adrian Heath to be heard before all the judges together of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

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