Extend the hours of the TCNJ Fitness Center

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As a school with a student body well over 7000, not only is our gym too small, the hours are not flexible enough. Going to the fitness center at any point in the day, it is almost guaranteed to be packed, which leads to delays using the equipment, hot temperatures, and inconvenience for pretty much the entire student body that workouts. Extending the hours could be a solution for this. Having spoken with members of the community, many agreed that if the gym were open later, they would go past 11PM. This would give people more opportunities to work out throughout the day, which could lead to less overcrowding, especially over the weekend, in which students are inconvenienced as a result of an even smaller window to work out during. Many students work out 7 days a week, and opening the gym extra late on top of closing the gym extra early on weekends does nothing but disadvantage students. Logically, it really doesn’t make any sense. Are people less inclined to work out over the weekend? If anything, people are MORE inclined since their schedules tend to be more flexible.

Please consider extending the hours of the gym. Since the lights are kept on anyways, the only additional overhead cost would be the extra cost of keeping a few employees on for an extra couple hours. With tuition as high as it is, this is completely justifiable and gives students a chance to get exercise and relieve stress in a healthy manner, which will lead to a happier student body and better grades. 


Thank you!

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