Appeal to Hon'ble Prime Minister To Stop Violence Against Doctors

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We the doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals would like to bring to your kind attention, the issue of violence on doctors and health care establishments for your consideration and appropriate action and to take immediate and appropriate steps to stop such violence against the doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals in India. 

Increasing incidences of violence against doctors and healthcare establishments are occurring in our country. Doctors are frequently being abused and physically beaten for very trivial incidences despite the best efforts they provide under the prevailing health care infrastructure and circumstances. 

In India, doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals are stretching their capabilities to serve the society. General dissatisfaction due to non attainment of expected outcome, very high expectations, and adverse campaign in media has contributed to the increased violence on healthcare professionals. Under the circumstance, while few efforts of healthcare professionals are admired, often very trivial issues are highlighted which keeps the healthcare professional in low morals, fearful and increasingly misunderstood and the profession is being maligned, which often leads to undue and unwarranted public aggression. 

To serve under constant fear in Healthcare is highly detrimental. Uncontrolled aggression, deliberate aggression and impulsive violence against medical profession and facilities will demoralise, is counterproductive, and reduces the confidence especially in critical health situations and health decision making. The violence also reduces the motivation and capacity of the medical community to work in unhindered manner with the passion to deliver the best outcomes. Such violence will continue to erode the patient care which is not a healthy sign for the nations healthcare system or national healthcare goals. 

It is our humble prayer through this Petition that, there should be an efficient mechanism to manage such violent attacks on doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals especially through strong governmental support.

We expect a strong policy initiatives, strong legislations and supportive mechanisms to combat - especially violence in hospital and clinical establishments. A 'Central Legislation' in the form of a special law is necessary and mandatory in our country, in the interest of serving patients and protecting the service providers. 

Thus, we the Indian doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals requests your good self to:

1. Bring a 'Central Legislation' in the form of 'Specific Law' to protect us against violence while working in hospitals and health care establishments. The 'Law' should provide a exemplary and punishment that is deterrent to perpetrators of such violence.

2. To ensure that Law Authorities (State) support the registration of hospital violence against doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals as cognizable and non-bailable offence and strict punishment is defined in Law for the accused / culprits who physically hurt doctors, residents doctors, medical students, nursing professionals while conducting their duties in Hospitals and Clinical Establishments. 

Thank you