Stop the Wallarah 2 Coal Mine on the NSW Central Coast

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The Wallarah 2 coal mine, located at the northern end of the NSW Central Coast, was approved in January, 2018, by the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission after more than a decade of widespread community opposition.

It was approved even though it is a risky, unwanted coal mine that threatens the safe drinking water supply for hundreds of thousands of people on the Central Coast through acknowledged subsidence and decreased water levels.

The reality of the decarbonisation of the energy industry has resulted in the economic viability of coal mines being brought under scrutiny.  If the mine was to go ahead, the commission acknowledged that there is a great risk the uncertain future of thermal coal may lead to an unplanned early mine closure that would have socio-economic and possible environmental impacts!

The commission conceded subsidence will occur above the extraction area and the change in ground level has the potential to flood property and emergency access routes and impact built structures.  How can this possibly be deemed an acceptable risk!  

In addition to potential subsidence and water effects, the mine requires the clearing of 43.4 hectares of potential habitat for the vulnerable spotted-tail quoll.  History has shown us that profit comes before people and the environment.  I posit that it’ll be no different here if a catastrophe occurs!  

I call upon all the elected representatives in the NSW State Government to join with the vast majority of the people of NSW to, in the strongest possible terms, speak up against this deluded decision and agree to lead in the community’s fight to prevent the mine’s development.  Here’s a gold plated opportunity for you all to show leadership on this potentially devastating development.