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STOP the North Shore Zoning Change at Ruth & Franklin St

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ALC Holding, LLC (GreenTech Homes) has filed an application to rezone property located on Franklin Street near the Ruth Street intersection from R-1 Residential Zone to R-T/Z Residential Townhome Zero Lot Line. Their intent is to build 31 townhomes with double the density of the surrounding area. The zoning request asks for a change from "low density residential, 7,500 square foot minimum lot size and intended for single-family dwellings" to "medium density residential, intended for single-family zero lot line dwellings and townhouses at 8 units per acre”.

The rezoning request could forever impact areas including Stellar View, Ruth St., Franklin St., Keith St., Colville St., Hamilton Ave., Noll St., Forest Ave., and Woodland Ave.

We need to come together as a community and send a message to the City of Chattanooga that this rezoning is NOT in the best interest of the residents and the neighborhood. We are against this rezoning because:

  • There is no RT/Z zoning anywhere surrounding the neighborhood and this rezoning is not consistent with the rest of the neighborhood, which is R-1 Residential. The residents currently living in the neighborhood moved there because of the existing zoning. To change that zoning simply to benefit a single developer is damaging to residents and feels like “bait and switch”, especially for more recent residents. They are not against development—but within the restrictions of the current zoning requirements.
  • The proposed zoning has the potential to add hundreds of new residents, automobiles and guests of residents with extremely high density compared to the current density that exists in our quiet and quaint neighborhood.
  • The developer has demonstrated a lack of transparency with local residents and has not met with them. The rezoning hearing is in less than a week.
  • The clear cutting and current grading of this property would create immense sewer, storm water, erosion and runoff problems including overflow of our antiquated sewer system.
  • The construction, grading and clear cutting would most certainly adversely affect the Sylvan Park bird sanctuary which adds to the character of the neighborhood.
  • The proposed zoning would create substantial traffic and major parking challenges due to the convergence of 3 extremely narrow streets (25 feet or less). Emergency vehicles would have a difficult time accessing these narrow streets with increased traffic volume.
  • There are no sidewalks for pedestrians to travel safely on foot with the increase in through traffic that would be added to neighborhood with this type of zoning change. The undeveloped area is adjacent to an intersection where 3 directions of travel converge without a stop sign for any direction of traffic.
  • The level of density proposed with this zoning proposal would place a significant burden on an already crowded school system. Normal Park could lose their award-winning Magnet School status with continued overcrowding which will pose a threat to property values across North Chattanooga.
  • The residents of this neighborhood currently enjoy a tucked away, quiet neighborhood with narrow, yet very walkable streets which would be transformed into a high traffic area difficult navigate safely by foot.
  • The natural landscape of the land and contour of the three streets enveloping and converging on the proposed development is a topographical “bowl” which amplifies all of the sounds in the neighborhood.
  • Removing the trees from the proposed property would not only create a major erosion issue, but also destroy the natural tree canopy and sound buffer they create.
  • Quality of life is one of the major factors drawing people to Chattanooga. Zoning is designed in great part to protect that quality of life. Changing that zoning simply to benefit a developer (no one else would benefit) would be irresponsible and against the public interest.

Let’s make our voices heard! This is our chance to make an impact.

  1. Please sign this petition as each signature sends an email to the members of the Chattanooga City Council and Chattanooga RPA Planning Commission.
  2. Please attend the Planning Commission Meeting on January 8, 2018 at 1:00 PM, County Commission Room, Hamilton County Courthouse 4th Floor. (625 Georgia Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37402).

More information about the zoning request can be found here:


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