Stephanie Cryan must resign

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Residents of the Ledbury Estate in Peckham have called for the resignation of Cllr. Stephanie Cryan.

On 24th July, Southwark Council's Cabinet Member for a Housing and Deputy Leader; Stephanie Cryan, took to national television to do an interview for the BBC where she directly discredited experts by explicitly insisting that the Ledbury Estate tower blocks are of a different design to Ronan Point (the infamous tower block which collapsed in 1968.) She insisted that the Ledbury towers were 'Type B' blocks rather than the infamous 'Type A' and therefore were of a safer design, and were built having learned the lessons from Ronan Point. She also insisted that the Ledbury towers are safe to have a gas supply.

On Thursday 10th August, residents of the Ledbury Estate received a letter revealing that after the issue of gas and structural deficiency were raised by residents and independent experts who urged Southwark to take them seriously, Southwark had looked into this more closely in association with engineering firm ARUP and subsequently discovered that the indepedent experts were correct. The gas had to be switched off immediately as it was completely unsafe and unsuitable for this building type due to the risk of progressive collapse, and additionally, no structural strengthening ties appear to be present in the building, following the recommendations of the Ronan Point Enquiry. That evidence now points to Ledbury being 'Type A' structures.  As such, the lives of the residents living on the Ledbury Estate have been in danger for over 40 years.

Stephanie Cryan points out that at the time of the Ronan Point enquiry the buildings were owned by the GLC, Southwark council acquired them in the early 80's. Still - where are Southwark's own periodical structural appraisals over the past 35+ years? And what sort of council purchases homes to rent out to tenants without thoroughly ensuring that those homes are safe with their own experts before signing contracts? 

As a further kick in the teeth to residents, after dropping this bombshell on them, Stephanie Cryan then went off on annual leave until the end of August, therefore being unable for further reassurance, meeting or comment. Meetings have been requested in her absence yet it is maintained that the council members for housing would like to attend the meetings themselves rather than send their deputies. Therefore residents at Ledbury are now waiting for Cllr Cryan to return from her holiday before the can have any reassurance on what the next steps are. 

Some residents find this totally unacceptable and have lost faith in the Cabinet Member for Housing having the necessary qualities required to perform such an important role, and as such are calling for her immediate resignation.