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End the Texas Driver Responsibility surcharge program

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The State of Texas Driver Responsibility program had wonderful intentions at the onset.

Under this program Driver who make a mistake are financially penalized by the state AFTER settling their citation with the local police or county.

i have heard many many stories of people who flat out can not afford the penalties placed on us after we have already paid hundreds in some cases.

my wife got a no liability insurance ticket. It was my fault. I got a new debit card and failed to update the CCV number on the back with my ins. Company. We were without insurance for 4 days. A police officer pulled her over after running her plate and finding no insurance. No other violation. We continually had coverage for years and years. 

After I paid the fine we got a letter from the Responsibility program assessing us a fine of 713 a year for 3 years. 

A payment plan is offered but if you are late or miss 1 payment it goes back to square 1.

i am the sole earner for 5, with 3 kids in school on zero state or federal assistance .

when it came to antibiotics for my daughter or paying the surcharge I made sure my lil girl was taken care of.

so no we start all over with payments. Or the state I love will take her license away.

this is an undo burden on tax payers and only leads to more uninsured and unlicensed drivers on the road

this amounts to being fined 4 times for 1 offense with no opportunity to face your accuser.

please sign the petition so I can send it to our State and US representatives and congressmen



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