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Fire the entire coaching staff, CEO and incompetent board members

The 2012, 2013 and now 2014 seasons have been a massive embarassment to the St George Illawarra Dragons club.  It wasn't long ago that this club was the best in the NRL, but it has been a downward spiral ever since 2012. 

Dragons fans do not accept mediocrity and demand action NOW.

Whilst their love for the dragons can not be doubted, Steve Price, Paul Mcgregor and Craig Young have failed to meet the objectives highlighted in last year's 'review and must therefore be replaced. Additionally, Peter Doust has failed to place the dragons in a stable financial position, and therefore should also be replaced with a CEO with a proven successful record. Furthermore, changes at board level MUST take place, it is time for fresh blood, new ideas and renewed passion to drive this proud club to the success that it deserves.


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