Help Fix The Music Business Before It's Too Late - Add Tipping to Streaming Services

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Help us pressure the big music streaming services to implement a "tip the artist" feature. This simple mechanism would allow fans to financially support their favorite artists directly and instantly, in the moment of emotional inspiration.


Have you ever heard a new song and felt so profoundly moved by it that you wanted to show your appreciation by supporting the artist monetarily through the purchase of a cd or a shirt or a poster? Or maybe, if you had the chance, would you want to send some money directly to the artist? As it is now, you have to take the time to find the correct website and then a way to arrange payment. The usual result is frustration and then procrastination. Your admirable support of a favorite artist never happens!

Have you heard the horror stories about how even famous and popular musicians are struggling to make ends meet and pay their bills due to the collapse of physical recorded media like CD's and vinyl? These days the idea of a career in music is comparable to playing the lottery and for most musicians it's an impossible dream that forces them to keep at least one day job and struggle fruitlessly in a world that doesn't seem to care about music any more.


The big streamers have the capability to quickly and easily add a feature that could revolutionize the music industry and make a sustainable career a real possibility again for millions of musicians. A "tip this artist" feature would prompt a menu of different amounts and also a custom amount option. The big streamers already make payments to artists and collect subscription payments from fans so the infrastructure is already in place to easily send the tip directly to the artist. The streaming service could charge a (very) small administration fee to cover their costs and also make it worth their effort to implement this feature.

The "tip" feature could also facilitate a direct connection to the artist’s merchandise page, allowing fans quick and easy access to a more material way of supporting their favorite musician.

If the streaming services really want to support artists they would quickly get on board with this feature. It could significantly stem the seemingly endless tide of negative publicity they currently receive. By facilitating a quick and easy transaction, triggered in the moment of a listener’s inspiration and motivation, this simple feature could be a powerful force for positive change in the lives of musicians everywhere. So join us and be a part of revolutionizing the music industry! Help us pressure the streaming services to make this simple “tip the artist” feature a reality! Together we can make the music industry healthy again!