Keep Sutton Park FREE

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Summary: Birmingham City Council intend to put parking metres in Sutton Park for commercial gain, yet they don’t own the land. The inhabitants of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield own the land.

Personal story: The inhabitants of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield own the land, as in Henry VIII's Charter of incorporation of 1528. I'm just a dog walker who believes that a gift from a King in perpetuity to the residents of Sutton Coldfield should not be used by people outside the Sutton Coldfield catchment area for commercial gain.

The issue: I believe that profiteering from property that does not belong to a person or organisation, is both fraudulent and a confidence trick. The Law, the will of a past monarch, our history and our heritage are been ignored by Birmingham City Council for commercial gain. If this goes ahead the pockets of a council that cannot control their budget will be lined at the expense of traders in Sutton Park losing custom, and surrounding residential roads becoming gridlocked or car parks for visitors of the park.

Take action! What's at stake here is far more than a revenue issue. It's about your pride. Be proud of Sutton Coldfield, be proud of Sutton Park, be proud of our history, and be proud of our royal status. I've got no issues with Birmingham, I love the place. But they've got no right to use Sutton Park as a commercial venture to fill gaps in their budget that they clearly can't manage. Your voice counts: Please make it heard and stand up for your rights.