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BlueRidge Owners Grievances

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Dear Flat Owners(Towers B1 to B8) of Blueridge Township,

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This year you may have received a bill from accounts department of Blueridge Township for the maintenance payable for your apartment. The billing is for maintenance activities from Oct 2016 to Mar 2017.The township is asking for this money without any explanation on how the money collected from previously billed maintenance charges was spent. Also, there is no justification given by the township on the basis of which the recent billing is done. The buildings B1 to B8 do not have provide same facilities, yet the billing appears to be a flat rate. The biometric system is not functional in some towers, the swimming pool is not functional in others. Even the parking spaces have not been allotted in some towers. Yet, the billing appears to be at a flat rate. This is unfair to the owners. The billing must reflect the discrepancy in the facilities provided.At the least, we expect an explanation from the township in this matter.
There are several issues pertaining to the township and their management practices that also need urgent attention.These issues directly affect the quality of life of the residents and potentially affect the value of your investment in this township. Provided below are our key demands which need to be addressed on the priority:

1.    Audited financial reports of the maintenance charges are required for the current and the previous maintenance bills.

2.   The construction  material that is blocking the backside of the buildings needs to be removed immediately.This material is probably stocked there to be used for LOFTS.

3.    Honeywell Access needs to be started in all towers – finger print access at the entrance doors and systems installed in individual flats too.

4.    CCTV Cameras are required to be installed near Entry/Exit, Lift, podium level & other strategic areas

5.    Permanent car washing area should be available ASAP.

6.    Entry/ Exit Arms to be provided near the entrance of B1 building behind ICICI bank (backside of B1 to B8 buildings).

7.    Garden & landscaping for B1 to B8 buildings needs substantial improvements and is unacceptable in the current condition.

8.    Dedicated Entry and Exit for vehicles for B7 & B8 buildings must be finalized as per the committed design. This requires removing all the material dumped behind the buildings.

9.    Dedicated separate lobbied entrance is required in building B7 & B8.

10. Until the society is formed, the blueridge management must take the ownership of issuing and installing nameplates of the rightful owners in the lobby. This is especially relevant in the case where there is a change in ownership for any reason.The irony is that the blueridge agreement requires owners to pay hefty sum for issuing the NOC that enables property transfer, but the builder is not even willing to take the responsibility of issuing new name plates!


Please help us by signing this online petition to support our cause. Thank you so much for your time.


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