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Improve The Finance, Procurement and Payment Culture In UK Construction

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"Enough's Enough - It's Time For Truth!"

So, Carillion have gone into liquidation and the Government are doing their incompetent best to deal with the fall out, and cover their tracks. Thousands of lives are going to be impacted, but if we are not careful all the suffering will not lead to change.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Whatever happens it’s time for truth!

It's time that the government and every single decent individual working in the construction industry, whatever trade or profession, said "enough's enough!"

It's time to stop ignoring the way that construction projects are procured, and it's time to stop the payment abuse, and the shameful and degrading way that some of the big players treat their subcontractors and suppliers!

Every right-thinking person in construction knows what a dire state of affairs we have, but the government and others turn a blind eye to what is going on right under their nose.

Those that have the power to change things are choosing to ignore the demeaning and disgraceful way that professionals, Sub-Contractors, and suppliers go unpaid or under paid, for work properly and professionally carried out.

Lack Of Payment And Onerous Terms Are Crippling The Industry

Millions of pounds has gone unpaid, and continues to go unpaid, often forcing the supply chain to fight disputes and contest spurious and onerous claims, as Carillion and other Main Contractors unfairly retain monies paid to them by their clients and you the tax payer!, have carried out payment surveys, given evidence to a Parliamentary Inquiry and appeared on local and national radio. And despite Government and others claims to the contrary, the procurement and payment situation has gone from bad to worse, and the Supply Chain Payment Charter has been branded a "Dismal Failure".

Sometimes it takes a big name to fail to make people sit up and look at things happening in the industry in a different light. We are not interested in the politics of procurement, we are interested in improving the industry for the benefit of all.

Enough's enough, let's all work together for real truth and real change. So, here is what we would like you to help us with;

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#enoughsenough #buildfair4all

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