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Boston Globe - Apologize for fear mongering in "The Desperate and the Dead"

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The Boston Globe's Spotlight team released an article entitled "The Desperate and the Dead." In viewing the article online, one is bombarded with images and brief blurbs about numerous individuals whose stories are fragmented. These are individuals who suffer from mental illness and who have also been convicted of murder in various degrees. The Globe uses these graphics, alongside a lengthy article, to sensationalize mental illness and incite fear in its readers. The Globe's article demonizes the mentally ill by putting their images up with quick quips about their convictions for shock and entertainment value, rather than including in-depth information about these people as humans, their stories, and the systems that have failed them. The Globe has created this article as the first in a series to draw attention to the fact that mental health treatment is underfunded in the state of Massachusetts. Rather than place those responsible for this under-funding in the "Spotlight" however, the Globe has chosen to single out the individuals who are just as much victims of the system as their families. This is fear mongering propaganda and it does not serve anyone besides the Globe, who are likely receiving many more clicks than they would normally. The Globe should be ashamed of the negligence of the authors of this Spotlight series. It is unclear what the Globe's ultimate goal is with this series; they purport to be in favor of creating a dialogue around Massachusetts' poorly funded mental health system, but what comes across instead is a thinly veiled attempt to gain attention from readers by targeting a vulnerable, marginalized population who cannot defend themselves. The authors have created an article that, while containing some valid points regarding mental health funding, primarily serves to cultivate an overall sense of fear towards the mentally ill individuals featured. 

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