Schools Must Open For In Person Learning In Class No Later Than Jan 17!

Schools Must Open For In Person Learning In Class No Later Than Jan 17!

55,061 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
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Premier Ford and Stephen Lecce

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Started by Bronwen Alsop

Dear Premier Ford and Stephen Lecce
Ontario parents are deeply concerned about, and growing increasingly enraged, that Ontario schools will not be re-opening for in-person learning until (at least) January 17.
We have endured this pandemic for almost two years and, at this stage, added to the high vaccination rates in the province and a growing arsenal of tools at our disposal, it is unconscionable to deprive our students of valuable and needed learning in-class. We now have ample data about the devastating impact of school closures on the mental, academic, social, and physical health of kids. Due to school closures, suicide, severe depression, anxiety, obesity, and child abuse rates have skyrocketed during this pandemic.
There are also numerous studies from Canada and around-the-world proving that harmful school closures have little to no impact on covid transmission rates in the community. In fact, much of the scientific evidence suggests that transmission rates increase when schools are closed. Moreover, we have significant covid mitigation measures in place in our schools, making our schools a safe environment for kids to learn and develop.
Our children have been through too many education disruptions to endure any additional interruptions, even for brief periods, without further long-term harm. For Ontario students, who lost more days of in-person school than most students around the world and who are facing their fourth school closure in under two years, every minute of in-person learning is extremely valuable. They can’t afford to fall behind any further or have their resilience tested again. They are in critical need of stability and in-person learning. The UK, France, Denmark and NYC, which have higher covid case numbers, have all committed to reopen schools for in-person learning without delay, because they recognize that in-person school is essential. We demand the same and expect a return to in-person school NO LATER than JANUARY 17!

Thank you , Bronwen Alsop Founder Ontario Families Coalition 
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**Since we cannot rely on your government to reopen schools by January 17 and we run the risk of lengthier and cumulatively more damaging school closures, we are pursuing legal action. Parents, please donate to our legal battle to get kids back in the classroom.**

55,061 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!