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Criminalise Sharia controlled areas and Sharia patrols in the UK

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As the UK becomes more diversified there is a tendency for some ethnic groups to believe they have a divine right to enforce their beliefs and laws onto the indigenous people of the UK and and even onto visitors from other countries.

The Government and the Police appear to have lost control (or surrendered) in respect to Sharia zones and patrols. Sharia zone posters are prominently displayed around the country and Sharia patrols use threats, force and even violence to ensure anyone in a Sharia zone complies with their "Laws" with little or no reaction from the Police.

In London the self-proclaimed vigilantes, who call themselves Muslim London Patrol, have been seen in several videos abusing people for drinking alcohol, for showing too much flesh and for being homosexual. And in 2014 a gang of five mulsim men ‘smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle after they saw him drinking in an east London street – three days after he arrived in Britain.

Whilst there are laws to bring the aggressors to justice after they have carried out their "Punishment" of law abiding citizens, there seems to be little or no legislation in place to stop these Sharia patrols from taking their message of hate onto our streets.

Sharia Zones (areas) shall be outlawed and members of Sharia patrols brought to justice as they are guilty of Proselytism because UK law protects the right to manifest your religion only "insofar as it doesn't impinge disproportionately on the rights, freedoms or dignity of others".


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