Restore, Prioritize, and Strengthen the Bloomfield Hills Schools Music Department

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As concerned students, we hope that the Bloomfield Hills School District will not make cuts to the music program within our district that would require high school music teachers to travel between schools and eliminate some extremely beneficial and unique music classes.

The performing arts wing at Bloomfield Hills High School is filled with students of all kinds with diverse interests and future goals.  Music, however, brings all these students together.  Our school boasts so many incredibly dedicated and skilled performers and composers, all of whom certainly owe much of their success in musical performance to the historic music program and directors for which our district is famous.

Cutting from our music program would, undoubtedly, prevent students from discovering a passion that brings them so much joy and excitement. Studies have shown (follow the link to view our resources), also, that music students are smarter individuals, better problem-solvers, quicker learners, and more effective communicators than their peers – all of which are invaluable skills for students and citizens in today's world.

While these traits are essential, we are even more concerned about the relationships that these cuts will jeopardize. The unique connections between students and teachers that have made our program so special could not have possibly been built during one class period every other day.  Students meet with their directors during advisory, lunch, passing time, and even before and after school to garner knowledge and advice on topics about which they are fervently and perpetually inspired.  The unbelievably positive relationships that so many students have made with these wonderful educators will be nearly impossible to maintain if the teachers split their time between buildings; the opportunities for connection will be largely eliminated.

That being said, students thrive in our school’s music program, and become better people and learners as a result.  The cooperation that musical ensembles require is very constructive, and, most importantly, because of our school's program, many students find something that they truly love to do.  They carry that love with them into their futures, and passions like these are what truly empower us to change the world for the better.

Víctor Hugo, the author of Les Misérables, said that “music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  This resonates profoundly with music students at our school, and, with larger class sizes and diminished availability of teachers, it will be harder for this expression to be so strong.

We have always been proud to say that we were part of the music program in our district and we want students here in the future, and even our own children, when the time comes, to be able to feel the same way.  The goosebumps that shoot up your arm on certain chords, the swell of pride when you stand up at the end of a performance, and the confidence you have with which to face the world after putting on a show are all sensations that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else.  We firmly believe that each and every student should have the opportunity to participate in this beautiful and extraordinary experience.  For that reason, we urge and implore our school district to do everything in its power to avoid cuts to our music program; we are confident that the costs of such cuts would infinitely outweigh the benefits.

Furthermore, we fear that these cuts will lead to more in the future, undermining a discipline that has made Bloomfield Hills Schools famous for years and brought joy to so many people.  Now is the time to set a positive and decisive precedent by supporting and bolstering our music program, allowing our district to continue to reap the rewards of such a fantastic area of study.  Once the initial descent down the slope begins, the climb back to the summit becomes almost impossible – let’s not put ourselves in that position.

Follow this link to read testimonies directly from music students.

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