Stop Coburg Hungry Jacks trading 24 hours

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There is a Hungry Jacks outlet situated at 336 Bell St Pascoe Vale South in Melbourne. It has applied to trade 24 hours. Moreland City Council and local residents have objected to this but Hungry Jacks have not listened to their concerns and has taken the matter to VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

We have started this petition so that when we attend the hearing at VCAT on October 23 2018 we can demonstrate to the Tribunal that this community is thoroughly against this application. It will help the local residents and Moreland Council contest this application and stop Hungry Jacks from trading 24 hours

There are many reasons we believe this extended trade would be detrimental to our neighbourhood :
Environment - an increase in rubbish in the local area
Noise - The drive through of this restaurant is situated right next to residential properties having cars and people coming and going at all hours would be extremely disruptive
Crime - staff do not have the power or inclination to control patron behaviour once they leave their premises.
There has been an increase in verbal and physical abuse of staff at fast food outlets especially during late hours. Subjecting young staff to drunk and aggressive patrons is not acceptable.
Setting a precedence - Hungry Jacks is located at 346 Bell St. If this restaurant is allowed to trade 24 hours then the McDonalds across the street at 348 Bell St will then be able to proceed to extend its hours. Also, a proposed fast food venue for the 301 Bell St Service station – also directly across the road will then also be able to apply to trade 24 hours. Having a possible THREE 24 hour take away restaurants in such close proximity to each other and to residents is absolutely and completely unacceptable.

We would like Hungry Jacks to know that the community does not want this establishment to trade 24 hours. There are too many fast food outlets already in the area there is no need for more junk food, rubbish, traffic congestion and the stink from this outlet 24 hours a day. 

Thankyou for your support !