Let's get Vitalik Buterin on the Joe Rogan Podcast

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With the flippening (ethereum overtaking bitcoin in marketcap to become number one crypto) close at hand it would be phenomenal if we could get Vitalik Buterin (the creator of Ethereum) as a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast. It would be incredible not just for the price of ether but for the greater understanding of the platform and its inevitable mainstream adoption. Joe Rogan as most of you are surely aware is an incredibly influential personality on the web with the ability to reach millions across all walks of life and he has previously hosted Andreas Antonopoulos for a 3 hour discussion about bitcoin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sOxtBiBpE4

Let's work together to get Vitalik on the Joe Rogan experience. With enough demand, guests end up being bumped onto the show very quickly. Everyone here stands to benefit from this arrangement so let's do all we can to make it a reality. One of the main producers who is responsible for arranging guests on the podcast is this guy named Jamie Vernon…

This is his twitter... https://mobile.twitter.com/jamievernon?lang=en

And this is his instagram... https://www.instagram.com/jamievernon/

Let's try to appeal to him about having Vitalik as a guest. It might be a good idea to DM Joe Rogan directly on twitter but given his high profile, it's unlikely to get through... unless of course there is a coordinated deluge of requests… We need a lot of people to work in concert on such an effort…

If in the event that we can make this a reality, all holders stand to benefit tremendously along with all the idealists. If anyone knows anyone connected to Vitalik, let's please float this idea by him. The fact that some magic internet money is up 5000% since January and is about to overtake bitcoin's dominance in the global crypto market should be of interest to even the most uninformed layman. To say nothing of Ethereum's various speculative technological benefits… LET'S DO IT! AWAKEN THE HORDE!

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