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President Barack Obama: Change the name of the State Michigan to Mishagan.


The importance of dedicating the state of Michigan to "The Supreme Overlord," "The Babysitter," and "The Great Confuser," Misha Collins cannot be overstated. Misha is the the very embodiment of all that is good in humanity today. He is an angel is a moral vessel, for he is the person who brought Supernatural's Castiel to life. In 2010 he mobilized his minions to donate more than $30,000 to UNICEF for Haiti Earthquake relief. He also founded the charity Random Acts where he invites his fans to contribute in any way they can.
So Mishamigos, now is the time to give back. If your life has been touched like mine has by Misha Collins, then sign my petition!

Letter to
President of the United States President Barack Obama
Govenor of Michigan (Soon to be Mishagan!) Rick Snyder
Change the name of the State of Michigan to Mishagan.