Designate Grow Calgary Earthship as a Historical Building

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Preserve the historical Grow Calgary EcoNerds HempReclamation Earthship, the 1st true Earthship structure constructed in a large urban centre in North America. 30,000 folks have visited the Grow Calgary EcoNerds HempReclamation Earthship of which 18,000 have been youth, calling it "The Coolest Fort Ever!"

This is the greenest, most eco friendly and sustainable structure in Alberta. The Grow Calgary EcoNerds HempReclamation Earthship was constructed by volunteers over a 2 year period. It has been used to grow food, demonstrate innovation in green building and host workshops. The Earthship was also part of a public hearing where the City of Calgary & The Province of Alberta attempted to have the Earthship destroyed. Grow Calgary won this challenge and saved the Earthship from demolition by Infrastructure Alberta & The City of Calgary. The Earthship has fought for its existence and is now being threatened again. The Earthship is not in the way of any roads or future development and can easily be preserved for posterity. 

Heritage buildings are an important factor in creating sustainable communities.

Historic Preservation Holds Many Benefits for Local Communities.

The history of a community contributes to its personality. Preserving the history of a place through its significant historic resources gives a community its unique character. Historic preservation provides a link to the roots of the community and its people. Overall, historic preservation adds to the quality of life making for a more livable community. Historic preservation involves much more than simply saving and restoring old buildings and sites of historic importance; there are economic, cultural, environmental, and educational benefits of historic preservation, all of which are inextricably connected to one another and to the living memory of involved communities.

Historic preservation is beneficial to the community in the following ways:

Culturally a community is richer for having the tangible presence of past eras and historic styles.

Economically a community benefits from increased property values and tax revenues when historic buildings are protected and made the focal point of revitalization and when the community is attractive to visitors seeking heritage tourism opportunities.

Socially a community benefits when citizens take pride in its history and mutual concern for the protection of the historic building fabric.

Developmentally a community benefits from having a concerted and well-defined planning approach for the protection of historic buildings while accommodating healthy growth.

Environmentally a community benefits when historic buildings are restored or rehabilitated rather than demolished and disposed of in the community landfill.

Educationally a community benefits through teaching local heritage and the understanding of the past and the resultant cultural respect by its citizens.

Historic preservation is an important investment in the present and future. For many preservationists, safeguarding the past through its physical remains is reason enough to justify preservation efforts. 

Preserve the Grow Calgary Earthship for future generations & our youth.