Prevent Leah Jordan from going to Israel after she recited Kaddish for Hamas members

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Leah Jordan (who does not deserve to be addressed as 'Rabbi') recited Kaddish for those killed at the Gaza border, knowing that most of them were Hamas terrorists. She intends to go to Israel for a year.


Her presence would be an insult to the memory of all who have died at the hands of Israel's enemies and an unbearable offence to the bereaved. We ask Israel's Prime Minister to tell her she is not welcome.

Maimonides teaches how to deal with murderers: “No mercy should be shown to them, and the course of justice must not be interfered with, even if they claim the protection of that which is the noblest and high, as it is written; ‘he shall be taken from my altar and put to death’ (Exodus 21:14) …. because mercy on sinners is cruelty to all creatures.”

Video of the despicable event here