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Don't close Miiverse!

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Every nintendo players who own a Wii u, 3DS/2DS or both loves miiverse and it is bing used everyday where we can share our game experience, pictures and asking for tips while playong the games we all love!

In 2012 Nintendo launched Miiverse for the Wii U. Since that moment Miiverse has grown bigger and it has become a big community. In 2013 Nintendo launched Miiverse for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS and later they also launched Miiverse for computers and has from that time became one of the largest game communities in the world.

Today Nintendo has announced that Miiverse will close on 8 November 2017 and that is really sad for many of us who loves and enjoyed Miiverse

Social medias like Facebook and Twitter don't have an option where we can directly share our experience to all players who play the games that some of us play like Super Mario on Wii u or Pokemon on 3DS/2DS and that is why i made this petition! 

Many games like Super Mario Maker and Splatoon need Miiverse to work for a better gameplay!

Miiverse allow us to post our screenshots and exerience at once, but the other social networks we have to take a screenshot first, move the picture to a computer and post the picture there which takes much longer time than miiverse! And let us not forget about all the awesome drawings people have made to make Miiverse even better!

We all love Miiverse and please dont shut down Miiverse after a few years! why cant you also let Nintendo Switch users also use Miiverse via the nintendo switch console?


Let us ALL Miiverse fans send this petition TOGETHER! That is the ONLY way to save Miiverse! EVERY counts helps and we need as many people to help as possible!

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