Persuade Merck to Grant Mike Fitzgerald Compassionate Access to Life-Saving Treatment

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Mike is our dearly beloved son, and a dearly beloved brother; he is also a 35 year old UK citizen. We (his family) ask if you can sign and share this petition, which requests Merck (a large Pharmaceutical company) to grant Mike compassionate access to one of their late-stage development drugs (MK-7264)? This drug could very likely save Mike’s life.

Mike suffers from an extremely rare combination of conditions – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and a widespread and now progressive nerve hypersensitivity syndrome. These conditions mean Mike is in constant and severe pain, and is currently unable to consume almost all foods, supplements, and medications. This combination of conditions is life-threatening, and as far as we and Mike’s Drs know, Mike is one of the only people in the UK suffering from this rare combination.

For the last year Mike has only been able to consume soft white bread and water, and because of this he is currently malnourished, underweight, and often very fatigued. Mike now weighs 59kg (height: 6' 2"/186 cm; BMI: 17.1) - Mike weighed 91kg four years ago. He is now waiting for feeding via a tube either in his gut, or his vein, to halt weight loss and to live. These feeding treatments aren’t likely to be a cure for Mike, and if Mike reacts negatively to these treatments – which is a possibility - it will very likely speed up the deterioration in Mike’s condition.

MK-7264 is a very promising drug which directly treats nerve hypersensitivity. Two of Mike’s consultants whom have worked with MK-7264, believe this drug offers Mike a good chance of recovery. Both consultants have contacted Merck to ask if Mike can be granted compassionate access to MK-7264. Merck (whilst sympathetic to Mike’s situation), have so far said no to these requests. Merck have also said that it will be at least another 2 years before MK-7264 is publicly available, but at the rate Mike’s health is deteriorating, without treatment he may not survive this long.

If this petition gains enough signatures, it will encourage Merck to re-evaluate Mike’s case, and to recognise that time is not on his side. The next time Mike’s condition deteriorates (which could be any time), he could end up in intensive care. And so, we are asking if you can help in the following ways:

(1)  we are asking you to sign this petition which will help encourage Merck to grant Mike compassionate access to MK-7264. 

(2)  we are also asking you to share this petition with anybody in your network of friends/associates/colleagues/family – it is only through widespread awareness that Mike has any hope of success with compassionate access.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this petition - we are extremely grateful. Mike has been incredibly brave and resilient as he has battled his entire life against what is an extremely rare combination of conditions. With your help, there is hope Mike can gain access to a treatment which could allow him to live a full and happy life.

Kindest Wishes,

Mike’s Loving Family