Award honour to Captain Michael Lees that was wrongly denied in WWII.

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Captain Michael Lees - pictured right of photo - led the spring '45 SOE/SAS mission to destroy the key German Army HQ in northern Italy, with the aim of shortening the war and saving countless Allied lives. Leading from the front he was shot five times but miraculously survived. Written up for a Military Cross at war's end, it was denied him. Fellow commander of the raid, SAS Major Roy Farran, DSO, MC and two bars, penned Lees MC citation, hailing his "gallantry, initiative and unequalled courage." While both commanders may have disobeyed orders in proceeding with the raid, they did so believing it was absolutely the right thing to do on the ground. Farran was duly awarded the Legion of Merit for the raid and foremost SAS commander Lt. Col. Bob Walker-Brown hailed it as, "One of the most dangerous and effective missions ever undertaken by this Regiment." It is my view that Lees was entirely deserving of an MC and it should be reinstated. Alternatively he should be granted an equivalent posthumous civilian honour, like the George Cross, which is a "first-level civilian medal for bravery, for acts of great heroism and courage in extreme danger." My new book tells the story of Lees - and Farran's - heroic mission (see link below). With the assistance and backing of the families of those brave men who executed this daring mission, I will use this petition to lobby Parliament to debate the granting of Lees' MC, and/or to lobby the Honours & Appointments Secretariat to support granting Lees an equivalent civilian honour.