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Parking charge notices must be cancelled for Gt Clacton Car park

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Smart Parking Limited have taken over the management of the car park at Ravensdale, Great Clacton CO15 4DD.

The initial signage they erected indicated that the first 3 hours stay in the car park was free and this was in large print. Underneath this in much smaller print the signage read that the customer would still need to enter their car registration in to the machine and obtain a ticket for the free part of their stay.

This much smaller print was difficult for people to read at the height of the signs and was obviously meant to be overlooked once the "3 Hours Free" in large print had been read. 

The ticket machine which was installed was an older machine where a lot of the numbers and letters were eroded and extremely difficult to see leading to people make mistakes entering their registrations or giving up completely. 

The local retailers put up their own eye catching signage highlighting the need for clients to enter their registration in a bid to help their clientele understand the new system in place in the car park better. Some of these signs were then removed by Smart Parking Limited.

Historically the car park has always been a free car park and there is still old signage left at the end of the road showing that this is a free car park.

Due to the amount of complaints from the surrounding businesses about their clientele being issued tickets erroneously the system has now been changed so that anyone using the car park does not need to enter their registration for the 3 free hours. 

A representative of Smart Parking Limited assured Anytime fitness that anyone who had not used the car park for more than 3 hours and had not entered their registrations would have their parking charge notices voided, this however has not been the case.

The tickets issued during the period when it was necessary to enter car registrations are the fruit of misleading people with insufficient signage and therefore all tickets issued must be cancelled and any fines already paid to be refunded. 

This blatant attempt to mislead people is damaging the businesses which share use of the car park. 

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