Um einem 7-jährigen Kind eine starke Stimme zu geben

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Ein 7-jähriges Kind ist gegen seinen Willen gezwungen worden, sich von seiner lieben Mama zu trennen, weil ein Gutachten angeblich feststellte hatte, das die Mama “zu übermütterlich” ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es unter dem folgenden Link:

English version:
My 7 year-old child has been violently forced against his will to separate from me his dear mother because a report allegedly said that I am "too over motherly".. This act is so scandalous that it has been published in the Austrian newspapers.  My son is currently passing through massive emotional trauma and his cries to be returned to me his mother are being ignored by the authorities. Sign the petition to get my child's voice heard! More information is available at the following link below. The report is in German, however this report can be translated online using free online translator tools:

Also to fight legally for my son. I took a private lawyer but as a single mother the lawyer fees became too high for me and so I started a fundraiser account to keep the fight alive. For those that are moved to support financially for the lawyer fees to fight and get my child’s rights back, kindly click on the crowdfunding links below to support. Nothing is too small. Thank you.

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