Getting better meals in hospitals

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Gathering support to give patients in hospital more healthier balanced meals to support recovery  my recent survey has proved 90% of people are not happy with hospital food saying its too unbalanced and need more choice and that they are not considering people with dietry needs

Hey friends, I have started a new Earthstone Arts campaign! This project is aimed at getting better meal options, made fresh on site once again, available in hospitals as well as getting gardens planted on site to feed the inpatients more nutrient dense foods to help aid them in their recovery.

Please take a minute today to jump over to the petition below and help me raise awareness to this necessary need that all people of NZ deserve! I aim to get better options for ALL vegetarian/vegan/GF/DF/SF/Other dietary requirements and the process is relatively simple moving forwards, so please add your name to the petition and SHARE it far and wide to your local pages and groups!

For further updates, stay inspired over at the Earthstone Arts page. Hope you are all having an excellent week so far! Cheers everyone!