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Weeds Dispensary Raid Victim Fund

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On January 31st 2017 two loving caring community workers (Nova Coates and Cassandra May) had their lives changed forever. They are not alone, hundreds of other victims of Dispensary RAIDS across Canada have happened since Trudeau took office. Now all those workers / budtenders are facing major federal charges and many are looking at actual prison time. This has completely changed all of their lives for the worse. While facing charges they can’t find work anywhere else. (Google their names and you will see the charges they face). For the most part Dispensary workers who have been in raids are forced to go back and work in dispensaries as they can’t find any other means of employment. Many of them are fronting (Paying) their own legal fees. Most of the owners of these places are not helping out their staff, as it’s easier to hide behind a closed door where no one knows who they are. Some are lucky and have legal fees covered however not being able to find work due to the legal troubles they face is making it hard to survive. This plea is for two of those “Budtenders” Nova Coates and Cassandra May. They both went into the dispensary world with open hearts and minds. They went into this thinking they would be helping people in need. They were able to help many individuals in the community they live in. Some of whom depended on their service and expertise as a life saving alternative to opiates. They are true heros in the community and helped so many people in so many ways. Now they need the communities help… So they can cover their day to day expenses while they await trial. They need to be able to pay their bills and maintain a stable living to be mentally prepared for what awaits them. They are facing severe sentences for doing a job that they paid taxes on. They both have a child and need to make sure they can support them no matter what the outcome of the trial is.
All donations will go directly to Cassandra and Nova to cover expenses during their legal battle



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