Stop the closure of the Marcus Garvey Day Centre Nottingham

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The Marcus Garvey Day Centre has been operating for over 30 years in Nottingham. 

It was opened as a response to the number of African Caribbean elders in Nottingham who often felt isolated at home, sometimes with no relatives and who had no form of social enjoyment. 
The Day Centre provides culturally specific provision to meet the social, health and recreational needs of African Caribbean elders- most of the users of the Centre are between 70 – 91.

Firstly, it is greatly concerning that Nottingham City Council took the decision to close the Marcus Garvey Day Centre a decision which would adversely affect the African Caribbean elderly community by not having this provision.

Secondly, there was zero consultation with the community about the proposed closure of the Marcus Garvey Day Centre. 

Thirdly, there was no thought or consideration given to the consequences and impact of closing the centre for those directly using the provision and the wider community.

Given that these proposals are happening in Nottingham to our African Caribbean elderly in the midst of the deplorable Windrush Scandal fiasco reaffirms that we cannot be silent and allow this to happen. Not only would the Windrush Generation be the main people to suffer from this closure proposal but also any other service user of the Day Centre.  

After a recent and successful public meeting, there is significant community interest to take further actions to keep this issue in the public domain - this petition is one of a number of actions that will be taking place  - we need your support!

Given the UK governments hostile environment policy which resulted in the appalling treatment of the Windrush Generation - a generation that has given so much to the country - it is clear that we cannot remain silent and allow our elders to be treated in such a manner - their dignity and respect is our dignity and respect!  

Please sign this petition and pass on to others to show that we will not stand for the closure of the Marcus Garvey Day Centre.

'The time is always right to do what is right!'

The Nottingham Marcus Garvey Action Group