Save Frenchs Forest Market

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The well renowned and beloved Frenchs Forest Market has been an integral part of the community for 25 years. The market provides the community with a brilliantly diverse and delicious market place to visit, shop and meet every Sunday morning with high quality stalls selling farm fresh produce, organic produce, delicious breakfasts and lunches, homewares, clothing and many other unique and interesting stalls all serving the community and supporting the people’s health and wellbeing as best they possibly can with a sustainable and eco friendly focus that is much needed these days. 

Sadly, due to development in the Frenchs Forest area, the market will need to move from its current location on the grounds of The Parkway Hotel and find a new spot to thrive. The Parkway Hotel have been wonderful hosts over the 25 years and now it’s up to us, the community, to help find a new home for the market. 

Unfortunately the only alternate sites in the immediate area are on Council land and it has been made quite clear, by the council, that any long term offer would be subject to the site being put out to public tender. In consequence the Frenchs Forest Market can not find a site where they can be sure of moving to and having a secure future.

At the moment the only viable offer has come, very kindly, from Pittwater RSL who have offered to move the market to their car park in Mona Vale and the Frenchs Forest Market has entered into a license agreement for this position. A DA is required for this site and the Frenchs Forest Market has lodged the application for this. Naturally many shoppers want to see the market stay in Frenchs Forest where it was born and has created such a strong local connection rather than it move to Mona Vale.  

Frenchs Forest is the ideal spot for the market as it is easily accessibly via main artery roads by all of the community on the lower Northern Beaches and beyond. It is where the market has always been and it’s where it’s strong local community support base is located. The Pittwater area already runs a similar market on a Friday and the Frenchs Forest Market moving in to the Pittwater area would mean vendors being in direct competition with each other and it would possibly over supply demand in the area and leave the lower Northern Beaches with nothing. 

We, the friends of the Frenchs Forest Market, must fight to save our precious market! We want to continue supporting and shopping with the vendors we know and love in the familiar and convenient area that suits us best. We must let the Northern Beaches Council know that we need their help to find and supply a secure site in the Frenchs Forest Community for the Markets to relocate to. There are many possible options and we need the council’s help to ensure it is a site that will not be open to public tender so that the markets can have a secure future. 

The Frenchs Forest area has seen great change and development with the creation of the new hospital, now the Council has the opportunity to create truly engaging and strong new community hubs for the area so it can continue to grow and flourish. The inclusion and support of a marketplace, that has already been an invaluable part of the community for 25 years should be a no brainer for the Council especially a market that aligns so strongly with the council’s values of being environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as supporting the community members overall health and wellbeing. 

Let’s save our Frenchs Forest Market!

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