Urgent Update: Western Harbour Tunnel and Northern Beaches Link

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The new Liberal-aligned North Sydney Council has sold us out and resolved to support the Liberal State Government’s planned Northern Beaches tunnel toll-road project in return for an unknown funding contribution for the redevelopment of North Sydney Olympic Pool.

Tell our Council that the wellbeing of our Community is NOT for sale.

To trade the health and amenity of our current and future local community for money is abhorrent.

Nothwithstanding that both the Federal and State government should contribute to the redevelopment of this iconic pool given its national and international significance, our Council is in a very secure and healthy financial position and will be able to easily source sufficient funding for the redevelopment of the pool without entering into any disgraceful deals with the State and Federal Governments.

The Proposed Tunnel will have devastating Impacts on the North Sydney LGA

The State Government’s proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and Northern Beaches Link toll road project will have long lasting and devastating impacts on the North Sydney Local Government Area.

Traffic planners and engineers have said that the project will result in:

  • destruction of parks, homes, trees, foreshore and neighbourhoods;
  • adverse health impacts, especially for our children and the elderly from smoke stacks in our parks and near our schools;
  • increase in traffic on locals roads and in our laneways;
  • diminution of our amenity and community spaces;
  • toxic sludge in our harbour and on our foreshores;
  • loss of marine life, flora and fauna and reduction of our precious trees and urban forest

Local traffic will increase and cause gridlock on roads including hundreds of buses to be diverted from the Highway and Northern Beaches to terminate in North Sydney.

Huge ventilation stacks will pump dangerous levels of toxins into our community, our neighbourhoods, our suburbs, our parks and our schools.

Our parks will be unusable and destroyed. They will be tip sites for the toxic waste and sludge being dredged from the harbour.

The project has been secretive and displayed a shocking lack of process and real community consultation. It will not achieve its stated aims as it fails to take into account the massive density increases planned for the Northern Beaches.


 At the next Council meeting to be held at 7pm on 28 May 2018, North Sydney Council will consider a rescission motion seeking to restore the reasonable policy position on this project which calls for a halt to the project until the State Government has prepared an holistic traffic and transport plan including public transport options for the North Shore and Northern Beaches. This must include consideration of a rail-line from the Northern Beaches to Chatswood via the new Northern Beaches Hospital.


1.         Write to the “Mayor and all Councillors” at council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

We ask you to put your Community 1st. Please put our health first, our amenity first, our children first, our green space first, our future first and we, your residents and ratepayers, first by supporting the rescission motion on 28 May 2018.

Yours faithfully

2.         Call or text the Liberal-aligned Mayor and her aligned Councillors directly:

Mayor Jilly Gibson 0437 454 523
Deputy Mayor Stephen Barbour 0411 105 760
Cr Kathy Brodie 0488 824 415
Cr Alana Drummond 0411 278 188
Cr Jessica Keen 0404 024 474
Cr Samuel Gunning 0403 129 741
Cr Ian Mutton 0416 270 022

3.         Attend the Council meeting on Monday 28 May at 7pm

4.         Register to speak at the Council meeting on Monday 28 May at 7pm by:

  • contacting the Governance Officer on 9936 8397, or
  • emailing the Governance Officer at governance@northsydney.nsw.gov.au and stating you wish to speak to the rescission motion, or
  • registering at the door of the Council Chamber between 6.40-6.55pm on Monday 28 May, just prior to the Council meeting

 5.         Sign this petition

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