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Impeach Rep. Roscoe Streyle from the ND House of Representatives

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In 2004, an anonymous donor paid for 30 billboards to be put up in towns in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. They are simple signs, only black text on a white background, that read "Be Nice." or "Be Polite." I remember growing up and seeing these signs on the road trips my family would take across the great state of North Dakota. These billboards don't advertise a product or a commodity, they only give us a simple request: "Be nice."

They're right.

We owe it to ourselves to be nice to each other, and we owe it ourselves to ask the same--if not more from our elected leaders.

Rep. Roscoe Streyle from the 3rd District that includes Minot, ND, is not North Dakota nice. On Twitter, he has constantly attacked and bullied North Dakotans for not agreeing with him politically, repeatedly using the word "libtard" (an amalgamation of the words "liberal" and "retard"). 

 This is not a politically motivated petition. This is a petition created because I am sick of seeing North Dakota tainted by divisive and childish partisan politics.

Words matter. They represent a mindset that Rep. Streyle has proven many times over. He does not care about North Dakota. Being an elected official in North Dakota does not mean serving your party. It means serving your state. These hateful, divisive words have no place in North Dakota, nor do they have a place in America. A mindset like this should not be tolerated from a 3rd grader, let alone an ND state representative.We can and must rise above it. There are real and present problems in our state that need to be addressed. These kinds of words used so often by Streyle only deepen a divided aisle that is struggling to work together to fix problems. A slap on the wrist will not suffice for this continued pattern of behavior. We need better leaders. 

Please sign this petition to show that North Dakota deserves better.

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