Save Winterton Primary School and Nursery from closure

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Winterton School and Nursery is a small village school with currently 75 pupils attending nursery through to Year 6.

The children at this school are incredibly supportive of each other throughout all the age ranges and kindly welcome new pupils into their school.

On Tuesday 12th June 2018, the children were given important letters to bring home telling them and then us parents that the decision had been made to make the application to close their school.

The school has struggled without a Headteacher for sometime and no replacement Head was found. For too long Norfolk County Council ignored pleas for help from our Governors at the time....until it was too late. The local authority sent in an Interim Executive Board (IEB) to supposedly get the school up on its feet again.  Promises were made that our school would join an academy, two were interested in our school and our children.....but now they are we have no chance. Why not? Nobody seems to be able to answer that or many of the questions concerned parents are sharing..

Our neighbouring village schools are full to capacity in most year groups after a busy week of enquiries. Parents are being told there are no spaces left. Siblings are at risk of being split up in different schools, parents unable to get transport arrangements made. 

To add to the irony of the proposed school closure due to falling numbers attending, the neighbouring villages of Martham and Hemsby have outlined planning for more houses to be built. Hemsby plans at least 192 homes on the former Pontins site alone and if all plans go ahead for Martham there could be up to 400 homes built. With these 2 schools full to capacity now what is the option for any families moving to the area? Winterton School should be kept open to accommodate these plans!

The whole process needs to run its course and the proposed date of closure is DECEMBER 31st 2018!!! Most parents are arranging places in other schools if they can get them,from the new school year in September, but some do not have that option. The December date will mean there will be even less children enrolled at the school therefore conveniently fuelling the argument that the numbers at the school are too must shut!! Us parents are in a catch 22 situation, pushed into making a decision to suit the IEB who have failed our school .

No Head was found because the position was hardly advertised, 2 days was not realistically long enough....because Norfolk County Council removed the advert!! Why?

Child numbers are low because the school is not supported by the authorities to make it attractive to attend.

There are questions flying around as to who owns the land part of the school is on......conveniently .

A consultation with Norfolk County Council and parents to date has resulted in a group of 4 ill prepared people who could not answer one single question that was asked of them directly. These are the people making the decision about OUR school??? It was embarrassing to witness. 

All we as parents ask is for you to support our plea to save our school and sign our petition. Every vote truly counts. If anyone in any capacity could advise us and guide us what we can do next please do get in touch it would be greatly appreciated.  We are a small community calling out for help. 

Thank you