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Save Miiverse, Don't Close It!

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Nintendo has recently announced that Miiverse will be ending as of November 8th of this year. This is something that I, and many other Nintendo fans, will not stand for. Miiverse is a place where Nintendo fans come together and discuss their games with other fans. However, this will all be ending soon. Many people, such as myself, only has this as a social media, and once this is gone, we won't have the means to communicate with other Nintendo fans. Sure, while we can use Twitter, YouTube, and many other sites and apps, it wouldn't be the same anymore.

Not only this, but many 3DS and Wii U games will be affected. Mario Maker will be dead, as Miiverse is required to upload levels; when you are banned from Miiverse, you won't be able to upload levels. Since Miiverse will end, it is safe to assume the same thing will happen. This is just one example of how the Wii U and 3DS will be affected. What about Splatoon, Smash Bros, and many others?

People have so many good memories with this website, and many would do anything to extend the lifespan of Miiverse for another few years. I'm sure many of us can relate to some of these experiences;

Waking up early in the morning, going to the Smash community and checking out the Pic of the Day; coming home from school to check out your notifications, see what your followers and people you followed have posted; checking out all the cool drawings and art people have posted...

While Miiverse admittedly had its flaws, we don't want this to end. We appreciate Miiverse, and on there, we feel like part of a community, whereas on other social media sites, we feel isolated. Like we don't belong. Please, Nintendo. Don't end Miiverse just yet. Keep it alive for a few more years. And if you don't want to, at least make a new version for the Switch. Miiverse is something we cherish and will mourn its loss deeply.


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