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Do not Boycott Arbaeen Congregation

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Arbaeen congregation is the largest gathering ever which has been bycotted by media in recent years.

 Up to 25 million people are thought to have made the pilgrimage to the ceremony of Arbaeen, which commemorates the death of a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussain. The festival is held in the city of Karbala.

significance and high news value of ‘Arbaeen Congregation’, the Western media deliberately censor the news about the Congregation and try to underrate the value and importance of the event.

The Arbaeen Congregation has had its own rituals and traditions; however, over the last few years, with the opening of routes to the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), the Master of Martyrs, a large number of mourners and lovers of Imam Hussein head for Karbala.

Hussain was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate stand for social justice in the face of corruption and tyranny. He gave everything, including his life, for the dignity of his society.
Hussain ibn Ali was born in 620 AD in the city of Medina (present day Saudi Arabia). He came from a family renown for their strong values of justice, charity and peace – the family of Muhammad (the Prophet of Islam). Hussain was widely respected across the lands of Arabia and beyond for his generosity, sincerity and wisdom.

Despite coming from a relatively privileged background and being a prominent figure in the Islamic Empire, Hussain would dismiss the grandeur of his status, in favour of breaking bread with the poor and needy. He challenged the status quo and brought people together.

Not long after the passing of Muhammad, the leadership of the vast Islamic Empire had fallen into disrepute. The moral values that Muhammad had spent his life instilling into society were being eradicated as the new ruler, a ruthless man called Yazid from the Ummayad dynasty, was determined to gain complete control.

Hussain witnessed and protested the rights of his people being violated, and the values of society being destroyed by a tyrannical and corrupt government. Yazid was the antithesis of everything Hussain stood for and preached, yet he demanded that Hussain pays allegiance to him, in order to increase his own credibility.

Hussain had to make a decision… To give his oath of allegiance to a tyrant and submit to evil, or to make a stand of defiance against evil and risk his own life? What would you do? The timeless words of his grandfather Muhammad echoed in his heart, and Hussain knew what he had to do: “The greatest stand is to speak the word of truth in the face of a tyrant.”

For Hussain the decision was straightforward. “A man like me can never give allegiance to a man like him” he famously said. Hussain’s defiance of Yazid grew stronger, and was forced to flee his home city under threat of assassination. Hussain did not want Yazid ruthless forces to attack his city and risk civilians lives.

Along with his family and 72 companions, Hussain made his way towards the East seeking to gain support for his uprising whilst avoiding violence. It was on this journey Hussain, his family and companions were forced to stop by an army of over 30,000, on the hot plains of a land called Karbala (present day Iraq).

Yazid’s forces cut the supply of water for Hussain’s family and companions, including women and children. In 680 AD, after three days of no water and food in the scorching heat, Hussain stood and fell valiantly in what is known as The Battle of Karbala. Hussain died defending those around him being oppressed and whilst standing for his principles.

We believe that such a character does not belong to a particular religion and he belongs to the whole humanity and should be known by everyone. This is what some media in the word do not like to happen. The reason may be because imam Hussain was a muslim and nawadays after 1400 years many shia muslims still cry when hearing his story.

Imam hussain story has been joined with passion, cry, truth and will motivate everyone toward the truth and the right goal of the life. This is what some media do not like people to be informed of. 

By participating in this petition we try to prevent boycotting the Arbaeen gathering news.

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