Stop Closure of L3Harris Airline Academy Hamilton, New Zealand

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L3Harris Airline Academy based in Hamilton, New Zealand is facing a proposal from L3Harris Management to disestablish the base in February 2021, as global Airlines face financial difficulties resulting in the downturn for trained pilots whilst the world faces the rapidly growing numbers of Covid-19.

Over 170 staff will lose their jobs and current students halfway through their training will be forced to relocate to other outsourced organisations to complete the required training. L3Harris has over 250 international students waiting to start their training for 2021.

We believe that the Hamilton base is the most productive. Our instructors are invested in each student’s individual progress and personal success and want to make their New Zealand experience memorable. The safety of each trainee is our top priority as we treat each student with respect and do not see them as just another number.

Staff at the Hamilton base are presently consulting with the New Zealand government to use a part of the Clearways accommodation as a quarantine facility. We are already fully certified to teach under UK CAA and IAA licensing to accommodate Brexit.

Please support the petition to put forward to L3 Management to stop the proposed closure of our base, more than 170 people and their families appreciate your assistance. 

Teaching you is not just our job, it’s our life!