Naperville North, it’s not perfect but it is our school

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High school is not easy. It is not some unsubstantiated myth that high school is a difficult period of time. However, it is required. All of us cope with the stress of school in our own unique ways. However, one certain determined individual with an unprecedented passion to make her voice heard wrote an extremely controversial petition a few months back that was met with strong backlash and laughter. Many students and parents, certainly along with some staff members that will obviously have to remain anonymous, became annoyed and relatively angered. While I recognize that it is admirable that students have the ability to speak freely regarding matters such as this and it is wonderful that a student from NNHS has made it this far, the central claims that are made within the petition are ridiculous. The bottomline is that each student is responsible for their own workload, extracurriculars, etc. This is not a refugee camp. This is high school. It is meant to prepare the student body for college and beyond. Quite frankly, this is only the beginning. There are countless staff members (obviously not all) that exhibit behavior that would certainly be in complete opposition to the ideas expressed in the original petition. It is not surprising that many are dismayed regarding the attention that has been granted to this petition. Many wonderful memories have been made throughout the first 3+ years of high school for us seniors. We as a school community need to support each other through the four years. We will all get through it. After all, we are currently closer to 2022 than we are to 2011. Crazy, right? Like Michael Jordan said, "Stop It.” It may be a rightful use of free speech, but it certainly resembles whining. C’mon now, toughen up.


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