Save our Christmas Tree (till June). I’m being forced to take it down this week.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

We put up our first tree up as a family last Christmas. Life got so busy that we kept it up. It’s a bit ridiculous, but my kids and I have become quite attached to it. Unfortunately, my wife is not fond of keeping it up and it is not long for this world. she is not wrong, but is she right?

The tree looks really nice and is quite the topic of discussion when people come over. It’s weird to play Christmas music out of season, but when you see a tree, it just works. Why does the holiday cheer need to end just because marketers are moving onto the next season? We do all this work to put up a tree for 30 days!

I have a feeling Baby Face was onto something with his lyrics “it feels like Christmas in June”. Help me by petitioning to keep our tree up this June. I think it will be quite the hit on Memorial Day when we we will probably host our first BBQ at our home. I think it definitely should come down in June to build up anticipation for next Christmas. (Also, it’s a fantastic back drop for photos including my Warhammer 40k miniatures found on my instagram @5tove.)

I hope it survives the weekend. The only thing extending its presence was the fullness of my garage, but we just cleaned it out and now the clock is ticking. (For clarity, this is a beautiful tree, but it is not real. There’s no risk of fire and it’s not shedding all over our house.)