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Petitioning Mayor John Inks and 6 others

Mountain View City Council Members: Vote per neighborhood preferences for the Stierlin onramp

The closure of the Stierlin onramp to Central Expressway could have huge impact on the neighborhood. Let's be sure the neighborhood wants this ramp to be permanently closed or to remain open before the council takes it to a final vote. In the "Why this is important to you" section please give you name and street address and then tell the City Council whether you would like the Sterlin onramp to remain open or to be permanently closed and why. Thank you for your time.

Letter to
Mayor John Inks
Vice Mayor Chris Clark
Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga
and 4 others
Councilmember Ronit Bryant
Councilmember R. Michael Kasperzak, Jr.
Councilmember John McAlister
Councilmember Jac Siegel
The City Council is leaning toward closing the Steirlin on ramp to Central Expressway, but is that what the neighborhood wants? Please see this petition started by a member of the neighborhood this development will be impacting and signed by other members of the neighborhood. It is designed to give you concrete, black and white information on what the neighborhood wants with regards to closing this on ramp or leaving it open.