safer roads and lower ICBC premiums through insurance rule changes.

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Insurance policies need to change in BC.  ICBC is raising our premium rates to cover a ballooning deficit. Distracted driving accidents account for half of the new claims and cause more deaths than impaired driving.  ICBC  seem  only interested in raising premiums and limiting payouts to the injured victims. Families are devastated by the events and long term injuries to their loved ones.

 If a driver is  involved in a vehicle accident and was intoxicated at the time, that negates their insurance coverage. Meanwhile ICBC is still paying out distracted driving claims, and forcing the ICBC ratepayers to pay for the carnage these irresponsible drivers cause.

from David Eby:

I can tell you that if a driver has caused an accident while intoxicated they would be held in breach of their insurance contract.  As a result, they would be required to repay the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) for claim payments related to the incident.  In serious cases, this could also include a civil lawsuit or criminal charges.


In Alaska the fine for distracted driving is 10 thousand dollars and one year in jail. Clearly Alaska is serious about curbing the harm caused by Distracted drivers.

Injuries. A distracted driving violation involving injuries to another person is a class C felony. A convicted driver faces up to five years in prison and a maximum $50,000 fine.

Serious injuries. A distracted driving violation involving serious physical injuries to another person is a class B felony. Convicted motorists face a maximum ten years in prison and up to $100,000 in fines.

Deaths. A distracted driving violation involving the death of another person is a class A   felony. Convicted drivers are looking at a maximum 20 years in prison and up to          $250,000 in fines.

As of Jan 1st, Ontario is implementing $1000 fines, 3 points and 3 day suspensions on first time offenses.


Given that the harm done by Distracted driving has become worse than impaired driving, we need to  treat it with the same consequences. We need to reduce the premium rates of responsible drivers and restore the appropriate compensation to the injured..

So it could be as simple as amending the ICBC contract to include Distracted Driving as a offense that would void their insurance coverage if involved in an accident, and the Distracted drivers would be held liable for the complete costs of the episode.

It is in the Motor Vehicle act that six points is the appropriate penalty for Driving without undo care and attention and clearly Distracted driving fits that violation. This law needs to be enforced.

There are calls to confiscate phones and or vehicles, as they are evidence to a crime, as you would confiscate drugs and vehicles in impaired situations. Let the drivers retrieve these items after they pay for the fines.

Every day on my twenty minute drive home, I see drivers on their phone. If I am seeing one hundred vehicles per trip home, the ratio is at least one in a hundred drivers is on their phone, and the problem is an epidemic. If we saw one in one hundred, drunk drivers on the road, we would be in an uproar.

The current policies are clearly not a deterrent. We need the government, MLAs and ICBC to show the will to make serious changes to stem the harm and costs. Call on  David Eby or any MLA to introduce a motion to amend the ICBC insurance policies in the Legislature.

Please help to prevent the loss of life of someone's loved one, otherwise eighty more people are destined to die this year at the hands of Distracted drivers