Xiaomi MITV- Fake Promise and Non compatibility of advertised product feature

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Hi, we are unfortunate users of MITV first Generation and we are at the mercy of Xiaomi MITV stakeholders for Android Oreo update promised to us last year. We can see that Xiaomi has released several new "Pro' models which has both Android TV and Patchwall interface but they have denied the update to old MITV owners.

Moreover, on their social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook etc, they do not even bother to reply to any question raised regarding this. It seems that they don't have any interest in resolving this issue.

Also, none of the first generation 55" 4K TV is able to play 4K content from any online source which I believe is total breach of product advertisement code and it can be legally challenged as well.

They also promised to release Amazon Prime long back but even that seems to be a fake promise. Manu Kumar Jain and Sudeep Sahu are two Indian people working for this foreign company and the way they are managing this issue is completely unacceptable.

Please sign this Petition and share with all MITV users and help these Xiaomi people understand the power of MITV First Generation TV users.