Traffic Noise Pollution Control

Traffic Noise Pollution Control

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Nishant Sinha started this petition to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and

Noise pollution is a serious issue now a days. It increases stress level, emotional and behavioural stress, high blood pressure, spikes the chances of coronary artery disease, stroke and even heart failure. (Source - Link). Despite the adverse effect of horn banging in traffic we keep doing this.

Giving a breakdown, the present number of vehicles in Pune is

  • Four-wheelers - 645,683
  • Two-wheelers  - 273,147
  • Auto rickshaws - 53,227
  • Taxi-cabs          - 28,344
  • Other heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, tempos, etc., -  38,598.

This had created massive traffic management issues in most parts of the city and increase in noise and air pollution. (Source - Link) Pune is just an example there are many cities suffering from the same issue and it will be getting worse if we do not understand the implication of noise pollution. Honking is almost an offence in most countries. But in our country, the more powerful the horn, the more attention one gets. 

On a serious note, it's about time to bring down the noise levels of these horns which are more nuisance than useful in the hands of our law-abiding drivers. It's a step in the right direction, although it is tough to implement no doubt. Horn has become such a big issue in most of the cities. Even casual outings have become stressful due to constant and unnecessary honking. Worst is since some houses faces the street even at midnight people honk and drive to disturb people sleep.

I don't mind banning the horn completely so that we start using our legs more than our hand when someone comes in front of us. But this is not a solution because it is also required when there is a real need.

To overcome this issue Ministry of Road and Transport must take few actions like:

  • Banning custom made horn in vehicles
  • Only company approved horns should be install to the vehicles
  • A microchip needs to be installed in all the private vehicles which will only allow to honk for 1-3 sec in a minute and then keeps the horn intensity low for the remaining minute

We appeal to you people of India who are really suffering from this daily problem and like see the change, kindly sign this petition to not only seek support from the authorities, but also to take a pledge to not horn unless absolutely a must !!! Let us take this pledge and become a vital part of reducing noise pollution in our country.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!