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Stop waste collection service to cabins

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Cabin owners in NL must unite to fight against the recent notification by the Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB) to begin waste collection in recreational areas of the province. We believe the decision makers are ill-informed and have not considered all aspects of implementing such a program.

As stated on their website, the goal of ERSB is to “ensure the efficient delivery of modern waste management services throughout communities within the Eastern region of Newfoundland and Labrador”. Waste collection in some of these areas will be far from efficient.

Cabin owners in NL did not ask for this service and do not require this service yet they are being threatened if they do not cooperate. What rights do we as property owners have? Were we given an opportunity to participate in the discussions leading up to the decision? Was the public made aware, before the legislation was passed, that this was being considered?

Waste collection in recreational areas will cause additional expense to property owners at a time of great financial difficulty for many, increased maintenance on ERSB vehicles, increased risks for children playing in those areas during collection, issues with maneuverablilty in tight sections, attraction of wildlife to area, etc.

Some areas are not accessible during winter months, access is seasonal. Yet, ERSB is charging a yearly fee for its services. In the case of some owners who only get to use their cabins infrequently, this can amount to an exorbitant cost when broken out per bag. Property owners are responsible for bringing their waste to a drop-off point when the road becomes unpassable; essentially owners are paying for a service that they are responsible for providing themselves. This can only be viewed as a means to increase ERSB revenue on the backs of the property owners, alleviating some of the requirement by government to fund infrastructure.

Please sign the petition and lend your name to the many property owners in NL who are pushing back against this ridiculous "service". We encourage you to also write Board Members at ERSB, your local MHA, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs Eddie Joyce and outlay your concerns and dissatisfaction with this action.

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